Just east of the Atlantic through the Strait of Gibraltar lies the Mediterranean.

Bounded on the north by Europe and the south by Africa, the Mediterranean boasts dozens of islands rich in culture and natural beauty. With our luxury yacht charter, Mediterranean islands like Sicily and Corsica are completely accessible to you.

These unique features make our Spain and Western Mediterranean yacht charter a perfect destination for your adventures. A yacht charter through the Mediterranean can include stops along the way under a variety of national flags.

For example, for those wanting to rent a yacht, Spain is an ideal launching point to explore these waters. A Spain yacht charter can travel south to North Africa or east to the Balearic Islands. Every destination is unique, and the opportunities for dining, shopping, watersports and relaxation are too many to count!

The Italian Riviera is home to Cinque Terre, five small coastal villages nestled on the hillside and ready for exploration. They and the well known fishing village of Portofino are easily accessible and offer plenty of attractions. The coastal city of Taormina is known as the Sicilian Monte Carlo, and appeals to those seeking a thrilling nightlife experience. The seaside resort of Cassis is the jewel of the French Riviera; a more intimate alternative to the overcrowded destinations of Nice and Saint Tropez, this hideaway is a must visit location.

Of course, no Mediterranean trip would be complete without a stop in Monaco, the ultimate port of call! The carnival in Gozo (part of the Maltese archipelago) is a popular weekend activity enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.

Malta itself is a mecca for watersports enthusiasts, with plenty of chances for windsurfing, wake-boarding and water skiing. Divers can snorkel through the wreckage of Malta’s maritime history or even scuba dive deep below the surface to explore underwater caves.

One trip to the Mediterranean won’t be enough, so plan on repeat trips to get your fill of this exotic part of the world.

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