The start of a new year is a time to reflect, and let’s face it you can’t talk to anyone about the new year without being asked about your resolutions. With 2020 kicking off a whole new DECADE, now is the perfect opportunity to do a complete self-care re-haul. Who doesn’t yearn for more adventure, new experiences, a change of venue? Make the promise to yourself to do those extraordinary things you’ve been putting off for so long.

Did you know that only 11% of the U.S. population traveled in 2017? With so many incredible destinations around the world, there is a potential party waiting for you at every port. We’re talking festivals, luxury yacht shows, sports events, concerts, parades, all celebrating the culture, people, and life happening all around us. There is something for everyone! And guess what? This is where ADDISON comes in: we can help fill your passports and memories with unforgettable moments.

Are you tired of winter? You may not have realized that ADDISON travels to a variety of destinations like the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and Croatia. Not sure how you want to sail? We can help with vessels from four cabin sailboats to 20 cabin luxury yachts. Whether you crave an intimate voyage with friends and family or long to plan a corporate retreat that your team will never forget, we can help. Our passion is helping you make amazing memories.

If you are new to the yacht experience, welcome aboard! If you charter frequently, keep it up! ADDISON is here to help you make your first or your 50th trip the absolute best it can be. From our crew and staff, we would like to say cheers to 2020! Let’s celebrate the year ahead, and the decade before us. Let’s set sail together!

So, what do you resolve to do for yourself in the upcoming year?