With Croatia being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, a vacation there is guaranteed to meet and exceed all of your expectations! From the shimmering sea and wild coastline to the picture-perfect villages, Croatian adventure and beauty await you no matter where you go.  This beautiful country is rich in historical sites.…

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Turks and Caicos, we are all in!

Sunset beach view

Let’s talk Turks and Caicos! From the breathtaking views and mesmerizing water, it’s no mystery why this is the destination hot spot for 2020! Surrounded by some of the world’s most extensive sandbanks, the Turks and Caicos Islands are a Caribbean paradise like no other. Unlike some of the more developed islands of the Caribbean,…

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Cheers to 2020!

The start of a new year is a time to reflect, and let’s face it you can’t talk to anyone about the new year without being asked about your resolutions. With 2020 kicking off a whole new DECADE, now is the perfect opportunity to do a complete self-care re-haul. Who doesn’t yearn for more adventure,…

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Traveling Cinque Terre

The Italian Riviera is home to Cinque Terre, five small coastal villages nestled on the hillside and ready for exploration. Linked by footpaths allowing for exploring around every corner, the five villages are Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore. Take in the beautiful beaches of Monterosso; endless coastline with breathtaking views along the hiking paths…

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Dalmatia-Split Region

Aerial view of yachts in a marina

To enjoy endless sunshine and beautiful beaches, go to the Dalmatia-Split region. The Makarska Riviera, a stretch of coastline, is complete with beaches, restaurants, cafes, clubs, kayaking, sailing, and hiking. Hvar, a large island in the area, boasts of being one of the sunniest spots in Europe, having 2715 hours of sunshine a year. Several…

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Kvarner and Highlands of Croatia

Rocks on the edge of the ocean

Interested in exploring the great outdoors in between sailing the seas? The Kvarner and Highlands area should be exactly what you are looking for! The Kvarner Gulf is a part of the Adriatic Sea, located between the Istrian peninsula and the northern Croatian Littoral mainland. This is a beautiful region with tall mountains overlooking a…

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Traveling the Mediterranean

Bounded on the north by Europe and the south by Africa, the Mediterranean boasts dozens of islands rich in culture and natural beauty. With our luxury yacht charter, Mediterranean islands like Sicily and Corsica are completely accessible to you. These unique features make our Spain and Western Mediterranean yacht charter a perfect destination for your…

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Vacation Packing Checklist

We’ve all been there, it’s the week before you leave for vacation and you are running around trying to pack, get your travel details together and remember everything on all your to-do lists! Packing and prepping can be stressful and almost makes us dread trying to plan a vacation all together. There are those select…

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Traveling The Caribbean

Beach view with people and yachts in water

Whether you’re looking for a motor yacht or a relaxing Caribbean sailboat charter, we have the perfect vacation package for you. Caribbean yacht charters have always been and will likely always be one of the most popular yacht charter destinations in the world. The variety of experiences available in this large cluster of islands east…

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Steps to Planning

hot-tub on yacht

You’ve decided to embark on a yacht charter! Now there are some decisions to make and steps you need to complete before booking your trip. Here’s the game plan: Start about six months in advance to plan your trip. This will allow you to research all of your options and get the best price on…

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Meals & Menus

Plate of food

For many, a luxury charter is a chance to enjoy delicious professionally prepared gourmet meals in a delightful setting just as much as it is about the experience of yachting or the activities partaken in. Many excellent chefs successfully run their own catering business or work in premier hotels or restaurants before deciding to enjoy…

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What to bring on your trip

People on yacht

When getting ready for your yacht charter vacation, it’s easy to overlook items that are “must-have”… and equally as easy to pack far too much. Here’s a rough idea of the things you should pack, along with some items that are optional. If you will be outside of your home country, travel documents are a…

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