At ADDISON Yacht Charters,

We have one very specific focus: arranging the perfect yacht charter for your family or group adventure!

For us, this means significantly more than simply putting a vessel under your feet, a crew at your disposal, an itinerary in your hands, and some food in the galley. We believe our primary responsibility is to work with you and to listen to you to discover exactly what kind of experience you are looking for.

Once we’ve identified what elements should come together to create the perfectly customized yacht charter for you, we can use our commanding knowledge of the subject matter to arrange a vacation that not only meets all of your expectations but exceeds them. Our meticulous planning ensures that you have the trip of a lifetime without having to spend a moment worrying about the details. We want you to come away from your yacht charter saying it was the most fantastic four or seven or ten days of your life.

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Many charter companies have a pre-determined set of yachting packages from which they require you to choose. By selecting ADDISON, you open the doorway into a realm where what you want comes ahead of pre-packaged deals! We will communicate extensively with you to better understand your group’s expectations, lifestyle, and personalities. Then we take this information and use it to match you with the best vessel, crew, destinations, menu and activities on a schedule that fits your needs and desires.

Premium Service

We take the responsibility for every single facet of your trip, including contingency measures for unexpected events. This ensures that your customized vacation stays enjoyable from the first day to the last, regardless of any small hitch in plans, so you can relax and enjoy your charter without fretting over every detail.

Here at ADDISON, our primary goal is for you to disembark from your grand adventure saying things like “They were fantastic!”, “It was amazing”, and “I can’t wait to do it again!”

Thank you for trusting us with the planning of what will surely be an adventure to remember.

We are committed to giving you the vacation of a lifetime!