The Yacht Charter Vacation vs. Private Home Rental (Part 1)

catamaran yacht charter

Catamaran Yacht Charter

When considering your upcoming vacation, there are so many choices! High end resorts, private home rentals, all-inclusives, cruises, standard hotel rental as well as some niche vacation opportunities like a yacht charter. We thought it might be interesting to work through a few comparisons for you! For this first post of the Series we will be looking at the private yacht vs. the private home rental.

AirBnB, VRBO, Homeaway and others…

These are some of the major sites you may visit when researching private rental homes for your vacation. Of course there are others, but these are the biggies. For the purposes of comparison, we researched a private home on AirBnB on the Caribbean island of St. John that could accommodate 10 guests in 5 bedrooms/5 bathrooms. While there was a broad range, we found the average in the spring to be around $1,000/night which will equate to over $7,000 for a week.

When renting a private home, you only get the home and perhaps bikes, kayaks, tennis rackets and/or other toys, so we will call that a wash. However, what’s NOT included will be food/drinks and service! Again, here, depending on your tastes there could be a very wide variety in food costs, but let’s estimate 10 people at $50 each/day (this assumes some alcohol but not over the top) that would add another $3,500 and you’re cooking yourself! Who wants to do THAT on vacation!

If we stopped right here, we would be somewhere just over $10,000 for the week for the private vacation home, but that does not include full meal prep/pampering! We also aren’t counting any “excursions” to equate the water sports that can be done off your charter.

Yacht Charter

While it is possible to get a private charter for $10,000 a week, it would more likely start in the $15,000 range. When we factor in the service and water toys we feel the money could very well end up being pretty equal. Then it becomes a matter of choice, style, comfort etc…

If you’d like to explore more, please reach out to us to begin the discussion! We’re here to serve and help you put together the trip of a lifetime!

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