The Yacht Charter Vacation vs. Major Cruise Line (Part 3)

Today we will compare the yacht charter vacation to that of a major cruise line. This one will be a little tougher because it’s very hard to draw a close comparison, but we will give it a shot!

Major Cruise Line – Yacht option

For purposes of comparison, we are choosing Crystal Cruise Line as our basis. They are an upscale line with options ranging from a fairly large cruise ship to a large yacht. One voyage we checked out the Virgin Islands Luxury Yacht Cruise that they offer which is a 7 day cruise beginning and ending in St. Martin. This yacht carries 62 passengers which is very small in the commercial cruise industry and the fare will run you roughly $5,000 per person. This is $50,000 for a week using our example of 10 individuals (or 5 pairs) traveling together.

The downside to this is that it’s a pre-determined itinerary and includes 50 other people along on your vacation. It’s all-inclusive, including pre-selected wines, champagnes and spirits. You will certainly be well provided for but what you lose is the idea of customization as well as complete privacy.

crystal cruise ship

Crystal Cruise Line – Crystal Serenity

Major Cruise Line – Large Ship option

Crystal Cruises also offers larger ship options. One such option is a voyage round trip from Miami for 8 days that will run around $2,000 per person.  This would be on a ship that carries upwards of 1,000 passengers as seen in the photo above. Obviously this option is more cost effective, but you give up a lot of intimacy when traveling with this many people. Of course this is a starting fare, so for roomier cabins, with balconies your price will increase. This brings this type vacation up to $20,000/week.

Yacht Charter Experience

As previously reported, it is possible to get a private charter for $15,000-$20,000 a week.  However it becomes a matter of choice, style, comfort etc… If we look to spend the same price as a high end, all inclusive yacht option with Crystal, we believe a yacht charter vacation is actually a far better deal! Staff dedicated to just you and your traveling companions, food and itinerary are completely custom and you have an experience like no other!

If we can help in any way, please feel free to reach out to us. We can work with your budget, timing, location and desires to customize the trip of a lifetime!

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