The Yacht Charter Vacation vs. All Inclusive Resort (part 2)

Now that we have compared the yacht charter to a vacation home rental, we think another similar vacation worth comparison is the All Inclusive Resort. There are so many different ones out there, with quite a range in accommodations, amenities, locations, etc… To find a list of the best, we visited Fodor for their recommendations.

all inclusive resort

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All Inclusive Experience

It turns out you can spend A LOT of money on an all-inclusive resort vacation. We looked at many and they range from about $4,000 for the week upwards of $15,000 per week for some of the most exclusive, high end properties in the Caribbean. Obviously this is a huge price differential, and just like a yacht charter, there are many factors that go into this. The quality of amenities, food, appointments, exclusivity, butler services (yes, many come with a private on-call butler). Additionally some of the larger more commercial locations will be less expensive, while the smaller, more intimate resorts are more costly.

Honestly these variables fall in line almost exactly as yacht charter pricing does. Low end here for 5 couples will be about $20,000 and high end around $75,000. We have yacht charters within these ranges as well!

Yacht Charter Experience

As previously reported, while it is possible to get a private charter for $10,000 a week, it would more likely start in the $15,000 range.  Then it becomes a matter of choice, style, comfort etc… If we look to spend the same price as a high end, all inclusive, we believe a yacht charter vacation is actually a far better deal! Staff dedicated to just you and your traveling companions, food and itinerary are completely custom and you have an experience like no other!

If we can help in any way, please feel free to reach out to us. We can work with your budget, timing, location and desires to customize the trip of a lifetime!

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