Yacht Charter 101: The Newbie’s Guide

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Photo by Loreta Pavoliene on Unsplash

If you have never done a yacht charter vacation, this guide is for you! Here are a few quick tips to get you started.

Choosing the Right Destination

Choosing the right destination for your first charter is KEY!  For example, it’s probably best to stick with a location with LOTS of available boats. We highly recommend the British Virgin Islands (commonly referred to as The BVI) as there are loads of choices and availability. There is plenty to see and do there. The weather is fantastic and the blues of the Caribbean will captivate you for sure! It makes for a fabulous first charter experience!

Choosing the Right Vessel

When you’ve chosen the right location, you will have many options about what type of charter you would like. Some of your options will be based on your budget. Regardless, we will almost always recommend a catamaran for your first charter. They are stable, way more spacious than you might think (read this article and take a look at the floor plan to get some idea) and provide many options for gathering, sunning and enjoying your time on and off the yacht. We will also make recommendations as to the age and condition of the boat, electric heads (sailor speak for toilets) and amenities that come along with it, such as SCUBA, snorkeling gear, water toys, etc…

Choosing your Budget

We understand everyone has a budget, but we highly encourage you to really look at what you can spend. We want to put you in the best situation for you to have an amazing vacation! Budget will determine the size, age, comfort, crew, and more. It’s particularly important for us to understand your priorities – for example, you may sacrifice a little space to have a newer yacht. OR, you may be fine with a slightly older retrofit to have a little more space.  It’s best for us to understand what your priorities and limits are in order to best serve your needs!

Here at ADDISON Yacht Charters, we will work with you to ensure that you are teed up to have the trip of a lifetime. We welcome the opportunity to serve you!

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