What the Heck is Yacht Rock?

What is yacht rock?

Have you heard the term ‘yacht rock’? Up until recently this was a relatively unknown style of music that not many knew about, including us! Let’s break it down for you! Yacht Rock is a “collection” of music rather than just a particular genre. Most of it comes from the 70’s and 80’s and conjures up an almost visceral reaction of total relaxation. Much of it makes you think of summer. Think Hall & Oats, Steely Dan, Kenny Loggins and the like. Many “lost” songs have experienced somewhat of a re-birth due to this new reclassification and are now being enjoyed by a whole new generation. It’s now cool again to listen to music that dates back 30-40 years. But rather than considering these “oldies” – it’s like the music is new all over again.

How do I listen to yacht rock?

There are plenty of stations that provide already curated playlists to listen to. Whether you listen to SiriusXM, Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music or some other service, they all seem to have at least a playlist if not a dedicated station. Be careful though, you may find yourself humming long forgotten tunes that you seem to miraculously know every single word to!

WARNING: before reading the end of this article, you’ve been warned that you WILL be humming the following mention the rest of the day (and perhaps days and weeks to come).

What’s arguably the #1 Yacht Rock song of all time….  ready for it?  Any guesses?  I bet some of you got it right…

Christopher Cross – Sailing. Please enjoy the following – you can thank us later! 😉

When you charter with Addison Yacht Charters, you can be guaranteed that the yacht rock will be queued up ready for you to sing along, with your khaki pants, Sperry’s, popped collars and all!

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