Why Chartering a Yacht is the Classiest Spring Break Option


Every young adult should have the opportunity to travel and see the world. Spring break is the perfect time for students to get away from the routine of school and study and finally see the world up close. Since most college students have over a week off, spring break travel options are virtually unlimited; it all depends on the kind of adventure you want to have. For those with a taste for luxury travel, the British Virgin Islands (BVI) offer an exceptional experience with something special for every traveler. There are lots of ways to explore this tempting island chain, but in our opinion, nothing beats chartering a yacht.

Freedom to See the Islands Up Close

The reason most people choose to charter yachts when visiting the BVI is that this travel mode offers the greatest degree of personal freedom. Instead of being tied to the routine of a cruise ship or the itinerary of a group tour, a yacht under your direction can go anywhere, at any time. Linger as long as you want in any of the stunning locations you’ll find tucked away in this island chain. These are just some of the sights you will encounter while explore the BVI:

• Pristine white beaches
• Exotic birds and marine life in native habitats
• Crystal clear reefs for diving and snorkeling
• Groves and grottos unknown to anyone except locals
• Undisturbed atolls offering exceptional privacy
• Picturesque tropical landscapes

Develop Your Own Timetable for Exploration

In addition to having the freedom to choose which of the many sights the British Virgin Islands have to offer, people choose to charter yachts in order to explore on their own terms, in their own time. Chartered yachts travel at your direction so you can decide for yourself just how long you want to spend at any one location. Did you take the perfect picture in no time at all? Just direct the crew to set sail for the next place you wish to photograph. Want to linger for a few more hours – or days – exploring the hidden white sand beaches? Thanks to the flexibility of a yacht charter, you do not have to leave before you are ready.

Convenience & Opulence

People who desire convenience and a luxurious travel experience will find their needs entirely satisfied by the amenities offered by high-end chartered yachts. Food, beverages, recreational gear, and all other necessary items are brought along so you never have to worry about what to pack. Chartering a yacht in the BVI is a wonderful experience for young adults and offers them a chance to see the world on their own terms.

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