How to Diagnose and Prevent Seasickness

When our clients are planning and looking forward to their yacht charter vacation, the issue of seasickness is almost always in the back of at least one of our guest’s mind. While the rest of the charter party is looking forward to sun, relaxation, great food, amazing vistas, and unique experiences and activities, we know someone in the party is silently worrying about whether or not they may suffer from motion sickness.

If you have a history of being seasick when out on the water, assume you will become seasick if you don’t take preventative action. Motion sickness is a common ailment that seafarers have experienced for centuries. If you’re the type to feel nauseous after a few hours bobbing as sea, you’re not alone.

At ADDISON Yacht Charters, we know this situation, whether seasickness or dehydration, is likely to occur on almost every charter. As a result, we discuss this subject with every client that is booking and planning a charter experience with us. Additionally, we know the crews are adept at identifying seasickness early in the process and know the best ways to avoid, address, and relieve the symptoms of this unpleasant sensation.

Read on for our tips to quell nausea and make the most of your time on the water.



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