Multi-Generational Travel – One of the Hottest Travel Trends

multi generational travel

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Multi-generational travel is one of the hottest top travel trends and it is certainly something we see often in the yacht charter world. According to a 2017 study done by AARP, Multi-Generational travel was one of the TOP types of planned trips. It accounts for 9% of all international planned travel and a whopping 12% of domestic travel. Additionally, a US News & World Report study cites a term we’d never heard before: “skip-gen” trips. This occurs when grandparents travel alone with their grandchildren.

Top reasons multi-generational might suit you:

Spreading the love

First of all, everyone gets a little bit (or a lot) of everything. Grandparents get quality time with grandchildren, parents get quality time with their parents, etc. And in a picture perfect setting anywhere in the world! It’s not just built in babysitting. When a family vacations together, they are much more interconnected and appreciative for these lifelong memories.

Personalized experience

Second, a yacht charter is a highly customized travel experience. As a result of being so personalized, everyone’s needs are not only met but exceeded! We will seek out a family friendly charter for you that welcomes all ages. Additionally, close quarters are generally not an issue when families travel together.

Adventure across generations

Lastly, we are much more of an on-the-go society now. The younger generation is growing up with a well-used passport much more so than generations past. Grandparents and grandchildren are connecting with this adventure spirit. For these reasons and many more, yacht chartering lends itself to this kind of togetherness!

Next steps

Whatever inspires you to look into multi-generational travel, let us help guide you through the process. With ADDISON, you always get a live voice, you always get our personalized attention and ALWAYS a customized itinerary. Above all, nothing we do is ever pre-packaged.  Let us ensure you have all of the amenities you need and want for your next vacation. We’re at the ready, looking forward to assisting you, your parents, siblings, grandparents or whomever you invite along!


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