Last Minute Yacht Charter? No Problem!

Are you looking for a last minute vacation idea? You may be surprised, but a yacht charter might just be in your reach!

sail boat yacht charter

Sail Yacht Charter

Planning time

One question we are often asked is how far in advance a booking needs to be made? Well the simple answer is, it varies. Obviously with more lead time, you will have more options in the area you’d like to charter, the boat type/age/amenities, price, etc. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great options right at your fingertips even last minute!

No Advance Notice?

Just for grins, I just ran a search to find out if there were any available yacht charters THIS WEEKEND (and as I write this post, it is a Thursday morning in early November). And, guess what I found?  There are over FIFTY available charters for a week in the Caribbean from THIS Saturday to Saturday.  Now obviously some of these will be too large, too expensive, too small, too old, or perhaps not in the port/location you’re looking for… and the point of starting early is to have every available choice.

Here’s an example of a great option available:

Yacht Charter

Good Vibrations Yacht Charter

Good Vibrations is a great option available! She’s a 55 foot sailboat based in the Caribbean. She sleeps six and is a great option.

So next time you’re looking for a quick getaway, without much notice, don’t discount a custom itinerary, crewed yacht charter as an option. You might be surprised at what we can pull together for you even with short notice! Contact ADDISON Yacht Charters for all of your charter needs! We help make dream vacations happen every day!

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