How to Choose your next Yacht Charter Vessel

So you’ve decided to do a yacht charter vacation, what’s next? There are a few important things to keep in mind when in this phase of planning.

Power Yacht charter

Power Yacht

Sail or Power?

The very first thing you should decide is whether you’d like to sail or motor. Some of this will be personal preference – do you want to see more, go faster, or do you want the thrill of the wind in the sails and the journey is the joy? When choosing power, also consider that it will be more costly, as now you will incur higher fuel charges and generally speaking, the fee structure of the charter is different. We can go over this with you should you be thinking of a Power Yacht, or Mega Yacht  (or Super Yacht).

catamaran yacht charter


If you are a sailor, you will need to choose between a catamaran or a traditional, mono hull sailboat. Many, especially first timers, really enjoy the stability of the catamaran. They are similar experiences under sail so even here it’s a matter of personal preference, and we can give you some advice in our initial consultation.

sail boat yacht charter

Sail Yacht Charter


Once you have chosen power or sail, the next choice will be how large of a ship do you need? How many travelers will there be? How much room do you need to spread out? How much privacy are you trying to have? (Realizing that you will all be contained in a relatively small space to begin with) What is your budget? These are all factors that will help us make a good recommendation on size. It’s not necessarily a given that you need larger, the more people. There are 50′ boats that accommodate 10 guests and larger vessels that you may be more comfortable with just 6. It all depends.

Whatever your choices are, let ADDISON Yacht Charters help you build your dream yacht charter vacation. We treat each and every customer like family and would be delighted to assist you!

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