Why You Should Charter a Yacht for Your Next Trip Instead of Booking a Cruise

Now that summer is in full swing, many are preparing for their yearly family vacations. Whether that be a tropical resort, mountain trip, or cruise, summer traveling results in huge crowds and frantic scheduling to make sure you fit everything into your vacation. Instead of fighting the crowds aboard the huge cruise ships, opt for a relaxing and memorable vacation on one of our beautiful vessels this summer. Chartering a yacht is much more accessible than one would think and the amenities outweigh even the most pricey cruise ship vacation packages. Check out why you should cancel your cruise ship reservation and charter an Addison Yacht below!


All cruise ships have a preset schedule for the trip regarding destinations, food, entertainment, and activities. Unfortunately, the food is usually sub-par, the port stops are too touristy, and you don’t get to participate in the activities you planned on. A yacht charter solves these issues with complete personalization. You choose where the yacht stops and for what duration, allowing passengers to truly experience the culture and activities at each location. Activities are planned by you to ensure that all passengers have the vacation of their dreams. From water activities for the kids to relaxing happy hours for the adults, a yacht charter allows everyone to have a great time. While planning your trip, work with the personal chef to craft the perfect menu that will please everyone. Yacht charters put you in complete control of your dream vacation.  


Fighting the massive crowds on a cruise is exhausting and leaves you with little time to actually enjoy your vacation. One of the major benefits of a yacht charter is having your own space. No lines for dinner or time wasted trying to exit the ship means more time exploring destinations and making lifelong memories. Having your own ship allows you to relax and enjoy your friends and family aboard instead of becoming irritated at crowded cruise conditions. The yacht charter experience lets you enjoy the surroundings and truly relax in some of the most spectacular destinations around the world.

Book your yacht charter trip now to make the most of family vacation time! With the option to handcraft every part of your itinerary, your trip will be exactly how you envision it. Check out our yachts, sailboats, and more for your next trip.

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