BVI Yacht Charter Adventures: Discovering the Pirate Islands

Discover the beauty of the BVI on your personalized yacht charter

Discover the beauty of the BVI on your personalized yacht charterA BVI yacht charter is perfect for those who adore all things buccaneer related. The piratical history and literary inspiration contained in the British Virgin Islands means there is plenty to see and do when you swing through this corner of the Caribbean! In addition, there are several places to explore local sea life and tour famous landmarks.

Historical BVI Highlights:

Ÿ  The place that inspired author Robert Louis Stevenson’s epic “Treasure Island” is located in the BVI – Norman Island and The Caves are a stop not to be missed, and while you are there you should stop in at the William Thornton Floating Bar & Restaurant. Yo,ho,ho and a bottle of rum (or a shot of whiskey, whichever suits your fancy!)

Ÿ  In 1867 a ship foundered during a hurricane off of the coast of now abandoned Salt Island. You can visit the “Wreck of Rhone”, and see the spot where the 1977 movie “The Deep” (starring Jacqueline Bisset and Nick Nolte) was filmed. Peter’s Island features snorkeling amongst the sea turtles in “Dead Man’s Bay”. It’s an amazing chance to view these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.

Ÿ  A few miles away from Peter’s Island is Dead Men’s Chest, a coffin shaped, rocky point of land where the bones of fourteen men supposedly marooned by the infamous Blackbeard were discovered. (According to legend, a fifteenth man attempted to make an ultimately fatal swim for it.) The real Blackbeard, Edward Teach, reputedly sailed the British Virgin Islands and made his home in nearby Soper’s Hole in the early 1700s.

If you are partial to peg-legs and parrots, a trip to the BVI might be just the vacation you are looking for! Browse our selection of BVI yacht charters to book your Caribbean getaway.

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