An ABC Yacht Charter to Greece: Archeology, Beaches and Castles

Mega Yacht sailing at Rhodes Islands Greece

The Greek islands of Cyclades are familiar to any yearning would be traveler – the gorgeous islands springing out of the dark sea, and snowy white villages adorning the hills beyond the pristine beaches are the stuff from which travel brochures are made.

A Greek yacht charter can be spent almost entirely within these islands; with exciting active mornings enjoying what the larger islands have to offer giving way to lazy private moments spent on the smaller beaches.

Amorgos features a famous monastery, staggeringly beautiful 15th century Venetian castle ruins, and Milos was formerly the keeper of the famous statue of Aphrodite. Paros is home to one of the world’s most prestigious archeology museums, and many people make a pilgrimage to Tinos, where an icon of the Virgin Mary is housed.

The beaches of Kolimbithres are supposed to be some of the most private to be found, lacking the crowds on the larger islands. Santorini is the favored spot for shopping, dining and taking in the nightlife. Explore the Gigantic Cave of Antiparos, or snorkle along the rocky bottom of the bay.

The Cyclades are the perfect Greek yacht charter destination, so ask if they can be included in your trip!

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