5 Best Things about a Chartered Yacht Vacation

Why choose a yacht charter over another type of vacation?

There are so many factors that go into deciding what suits you and your traveling companion(s) best. Here are a few things to consider when booking a yacht, especially if you’re a first-timer.

1. Itinerary: When chartering, your journey is YOURS. You determine along with the captain, where you think you’d like to go. If you find are someplace you’re not enjoying, you simply move along. If you love where you are, you might choose to stay there a few extra days. It’s completely customized and flexible.

2. Toys/Amenities: When selecting the right vessel for you, you can choose one that has all the toys you would like to have along. You may want to snorkel or SCUBA, or maybe fishing is more your thing? Many yachts include ski equipment, waverunners, jetskis, and other water toys! Maybe you’d like a jacuzzi? Or, is it about connectivity? We believe a yacht charter is the perfect place to unplug. However, if it’s essential that you have wi-fi simply make that a criteria, we’ve got plenty of options that offer wi-fi.

3. Dining: You have your very own private chef who will consult with you ahead of time. They will look to understand your tastes, any food sensitivities or allergies, and also your style and dining (and snacking) preferences! So whether your taste runs to gourmet or more simple food, everything will be planned to your liking!

4. Privacy: Instead of being on a large cruise ship with 4,000 of your closest friends, it will just be you and your traveling companions and crew. So whether you are a romantic party of two or a large family group, it’s just you!

5. Experience: Combining everything above, you create exactly the experience you want. Total luxury? or would you like some time at the helm learning from the captain? Large Mega Yacht or a Sailboat, large or small crew, location, amenities, etc… It’s all in your hands, with our help and guidance!

What now?

We hear time and time again how it was the vacation of a lifetime and often spurs an annual event to try different areas and experiences. Call us today to learn more and get started designing your own dream vacation!

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