Yacht Charter Vacation Packing List – What to Bring, What to Leave Behind

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As you approach the beginning of your yacht charter vacation, don’t stress out about what to pack. Let this simple guide help you bring just what you need, and leave the rest at home!

What to Pack


What does this mean? Well, if your yacht charter is outside your home country, which it most likely is, you will need any and all important travel documents: passports, VISAs (if required) etc.  Also, don’t forget your driver’s license, cash, credit cards, etc

Also under the category of necessities are all medications, both prescription and over the counter, that you might need during your trip. Be sure that you have any necessary documentation for prescriptions. Also consider whether you will need anything for motion sickness, should that become an issue. And PLEASE don’t forget the sunscreen!


Here’s what we would suggest for clothing:

Bathing Suits and Cover ups

Shorts, Sundress, T-Shirts – light weight daytime clothing. You may need more or less of these items depending on how much or little time you plan to spend ashore and what types of activities you may include.

A nice outfit if you plan on going out on shore during the evenings

A sweater, jacket or fleece in case it’s a little chilly at night

A hat (or two) and sunglasses for sun protection – remember you may be “outdoors” the large majority of the time, so plan accordingly

Shoes: flip flops, deck shoes and maybe a pair of shoes for exploring on land. If you plan on doing water sports, don’t forget the water shoes!


Other than the above, you will need very little. A few other items we may suggest based on our experience are:

earplugs – the close quarters of a yacht might mean listening to the snoring or music from another nearby cabin

electronics – IF you must, whether for necessity or enjoyment, just remember all charging cords and cables needed.

washcloths – yes this might seem a touch weird. But you might find that you want to wipe off with a washcloth vs. a full shower and you might just be glad you brought a few

How to Pack

Lastly, with space at a premium on a boat, you’ll want to pack in the smallest bag possible, soft sided which will make it easier to “stuff” someplace out of the way! Also consider rolling your belongings – helps with wrinkles and makes the best use of space!

We would be thrilled to help you with your next yacht charter vacation! We are never more than a phone call away!


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