What’s a Yacht Charter Company? Q&A

what is a yacht charter company

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Lately we’ve had some questions about our business. We were a little surprised that many don’t really understand how our business works. So we thought we’d share some of the FAQs with you!

Q: Where do you keep your yacht?

A: Surprisingly, we get this question a lot! Here’s the real skinny: we don’t actually own a yacht! We act as the go-between for all of the boat owners and managers (who run a yacht and crew) and the customers who want to go on vacation. We have access to a very large database of available yachts that we search through when we try to find the best fit for your vacation!

Q: How many yachts do you have?

A: See answer above. But really, we have access to over 1,200 yachts! That’s a lot of yachts!! In fact, just in the last 30 days there were 28 new yachts added! It happens all the time, new listings and updates are happening real-time.

Q: Do I have to choose a pre-set itinerary?

A: That would be a resounding NO! All of our charters are 100% customizable in every which way! You determine, with your captain, where you go, when you go, and every other detail about your itinerary. You will also decide what you eat, what entertainment you want, essentially you (along with our help) determine your own experience. Of course, if you’d prefer to leave that up to the captain, that’s completely up to you!

Q: What do you do all day?

A: Most of our days are spent interacting with our customers! But we also spend time talking with yacht owners, managers and other resources staying current on everything pertaining to creating the perfect vacations for our clients! We don’t leave a single detail to chance. We are very serious about creating the most stress free, relaxing vacation you’ve ever had. Many people once they charter, they repeat every year. Contact us today to find out how we can help you plan your next vacation!


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