Size Matters – What Size Yacht Charter Should you Choose?

Is BIGGER always BETTER for your yacht charter? The answer most of the time is YES! We thought it might be interesting to give you a side-by-side (or stacked in a column here) comparison of 3 different catamarans: a 50′, a 60′ and a 70′ and point out some of the differences.

It’s not just the bump in length that needs to be considered.  While a lot depends on how many travelers will be on the trip in terms of comfort, the extra 10′ in length also gives you a huge bump in other ways!

50′ Catamaran Floorplan

In the above floor plan you can see that the sleeping areas surround the main living areas and kitchen. While a 50′ catamaran is not a small vessel, with 8 people on board one can see how this could become a tad cramped. It’s doable, but a little tight and not very many spaces to spread out.

60′ Catamaran Floorplan

Now, take a look at this 60′ catamaran.  With this model, we see the appearance of a flybridge, an additional area to expand. We also see a main deck above with many lounge areas and the cabins are all below in the hulls. This can accommodate more guests as well as allow for folks to spread out to sun, dine and play!

70′ Catamaran Floorplan

In the 70′ example there are quite a few similarities to the 60′ cat. It just continues to get a little wider and provide for larger and larger spaces – this can either allow for continued spread or the accommodation of more guests. It’s really up to you.

For most, budget will likely be the determining factor for how large a boat you choose. But just for points of comparison, in the Caribbean for a random week in early spring, you might have an increase of anywhere between 10-35% for every 10′ depending on age of boat, amenities, etc…

Here at ADDISON Yacht Charters, we can help you select the right charter in your price point maximizing size, amenities and budget! Call us today to get started!

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