You May Find Yourself Healthier After a Vacation

It’s a well documented fact that a vacation does wonders for your health! But do you know in just how many ways?

outdoor dining on a yacht

Outdoor dining on a yacht

Health Benefits from Vacation

Inc. Magazine ran an article about 4 scientific reasons vacations are good for your health, citing heart disease prevention, decrease in stress, higher productivity and better sleep. In fact, the Journal of American Medical Association published findings from a study indicating that men who take annual vacations were a whopping 32% less likely to die from heart disease as compared with their non-vacationing counterparts. This makes total sense when you understand the stress reduction and increased rest that comes with a vacation!

There are also HUGE mental health benefits including lessening depression as well as making better connections with others. Downtime allows connection without the interference of life’s “to-do” list and mental energy tied up with one’s job/work. In general, people tend to report higher levels of joy, relaxation and renewed energy after a two week vacation which adds to that increased productivity level when returning.

Why a Yacht Charter

When you charter a yacht you are literally planning the epitome of relaxation! There’s absolutely nothing to think about, much less worry about! Your itinerary has been set ahead of time through consulting with your captain and crew (and us of course)! Your food preferences have been taken into account with the weekly meal planning and preparation. Desired activities are known to the crew so that they are sure you have anything you enjoy right at your fingertips! From snorkeling gear to fishing gear to water skis and more.

Here at ADDISON Yacht Charters we specialize in crewed yacht charter vacations anywhere in the world. Contact us directly for more information!

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