3 Things The Average Traveler Doesn’t Know About Catamarans

Catamarans are boats created by two hulls joined together and stabilized by a top frame. Their geometric shape distinctly separates them from the vulnerability of a traveling by sailboat. Catamarans’ large size and flat surface makes voyaging easier at a faster speed and more accommodative to entertain larger amounts of people. Here are three facts the average traveler doesn’t know about catamarans. Catamarans are typically used for three types of travel: sport, racing, and cruising.

Catamarans are designed to sit low on the water.

This characteristic often makes them ideal fishing boats and an easily accessible base for sports such as snorkeling or scuba diving.  Additionally, catamarans are often used for sport sailing because they are so easy to control. Though these vessels don’t have the reputation for being as sleek and sexy as a power yacht, many of them are outfitted with luxury decor and offer the same “wow-factor” below deck as more traditional yachts.


As an extension of sport sailing, catamarans can be ideal boats for racing.

Unlike sailboats, power catamarans are equipped with at least two engines and are easy to navigate. If a user isn’t as acquainted with the the ins and outs of the motions of sailing, catamarans are often the next best and user-friendly option boat to race. It’s surprising just how powerful these vessels can be. 


Catamarans are often also the boat of choice for cruising.

If you’re looking to go live at sea for an extended period of time chances are the voyage will take teamwork. Many people decide to cruise on these twin-hull vessels because they can often accommodate 8-10 people. This way, crews, family, and/or friends can all fit comfortably below deck in the nicely furnished space.


Catamarans can be used for much more than just your average day trip on the water. These boats can be quick, powerful, and luxurious depending on their primary use. These vessels are also a great option for those who love the idea of yachting, but tend to get sick at sea. As opposed to mono-hull vessels, catamarans are solid and tend to have far less rocking on rough water.

If you’re curious about the catamaran vacation experience, the experts at ADDISON can walk you through the vessel specifics or point you in the direction of the perfect boat to charter.

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