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Are you ready to test your skills; to take the helm and see how you measure up against the elements? Would you be more comfortable knowing that an experienced Captain is standing right behind you: To instruct, to guide, or even to take the helm if you want to savor the adrenaline? Would it be even better knowing that the performance yacht under your command, was luxury class, fully crewed, impeccably maintained, and superbly provisioned, so that you could savor the experience of a lifetime, while have the luxury vacation you've always dreamed of? With Blue Passion, ADDISON Yachts' performance sailing platform, your passion is our passion. Let's share it to your hearts content.

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Do you live for burying the bow, and the spray in your face that comes with it? Do you thrive on the thrill of the race, the sweat on your arms, and the satisfaction that comes knowing you made the decisions that got you here in the first place? On Blue Passion, Greg and Vanessa Langridge share your love and enthusiasm for hard-core performance sailing. They share your competitive spirit. And they want to share their knowledge, experience, and their Beneteau Oceanis 58 with you. As much as you are searching for the perfect sailing experience, they are looking for you!

Take Control

The demand of Performance Sailing is growing in popularity with discerning clients like you. Few people, outside elite yacht owners, and professional competitive sailors, will ever realize the thrill of commanding their own performance sailing vessel. Even fewer owners and operators, will allow you to take the command of their vessel, to allow you to make the decisions, and are willing to stand by, just in case. Greg and Vanessa are examples of these few. Blue Passion is their platform. And you, are their ideal client.

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Short of owning your own vessel, committing your life to pursuing your passion, and foregoing all else life has to offer, a Performance Sailing charter is the most exhilarating way test what you have learned over the years. To push the limits of your knowledge and capabilities, and to do so under full supervision of masters of the art. It’s the hands-on sailing experience you didn’t know existed, with as much, or as little assistance as you desire, already on board.

Serious Sailing

For the sailing enthusiasts who has experience on the water, but wants to take their adventure to the next level, chartering a performance sailing vessel with an exceptionally qualified crew is the best way to push your abilities to the limit… and beyond. Blue Passion is the ultimate platform for you.


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