Experience a Tropical Escape Without Leaving Home With These 3 Treats

We all love to feel like we’re on vacation – forgetting our stress, relaxing, and enjoying the serenity of our surroundings. Unfortunately, the realities of life often prevent us from physically traveling to a true island getaway.

Even if you aren’t in the tropics, we’ve got 3 delicious foods that will make you feel like you’re ankle deep in the warm Caribbean Sea.

#1 – Pina Colada

drinks on the beach

The Pina Colada is the quintessential Caribbean cocktail. Even served without rum, the Pina is a perfectly sweet combination of coconut cream, pineapple juice, and ice. The Pina is the national drink of Puerto Rico, and its creator Don Ramon is even credited with a plaque in San Juan. I find that a Pina Colada is the perfect replacement for a sweet snack like ice cream or a milkshake, and it certainly makes me feel like my toes are in the sand!

#2 – Papaya


Originating in Mexico but found natively throughout the Caribbean, the Papaya is an extremely versatile fruit – it can be eaten by itself, integrated in recipes, and has even been used as a meat tenderizer and traditional medicine remedy for Malaria!

Our favorite part about the Papaya is its simplicity – just dice it up, add some spices, and you have a tasty snack fit for the beaches of St. Maarten!

#3 – Coconut Smoothie


This list wouldn’t be complete without a delicious Coconut Smoothie. Complete with pineapple, Greek yogurt, and coconut, this recipe from Bobby Flay includes just about every other type of food we could have included in this list! This smoothie can also be used as a healthier alternative to the above Pina Colada, as it contains significantly less sugar and calories.

No matter which of these foods you choose to enjoy, we’re confident you’ll feel like it’s 85 degrees and sunny in your own personal tropical paradise. All these ideas have you looking to visit a real tropical paradise? ADDISON can get you there – come check us out!

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