A Brief History of Super Yachts in One Morphing GIF


At ADDISON, we believe you can have fun on a boat of any size, but there’s something pretty spectacular about setting foot on a mega yacht. The endlessness of the deck, the opulence of the interior, and the luxurious amenities are a once in a lifetime experience.

But as large as our selection is, many of the biggest vessels in the world are privately owned. We put together a looping GIF to show you the largest super yacht in the world over the last 150 years. Constructed in 1863, El Horriya was the largest yacht to exist on the planet for many years. Then, 121 years later, the Prince Abdulaziz came along to surpass it. Custom built in 1984 by a Danish designer, it swiftly took first place for the largest yacht ever built.

Today, the longest mega yacht in the world is Azzam, which may be eclipsed by something even larger within the next year or two. There is talk about a massive 220 meter yacht being constructed called the Triple Deuce. But it could just be boat lore… Who knows! A vessel that size would put today’s reigning super yacht to shame!

Feel free to share this GIF with your yacht-loving friends and family — just be prepared for some major boat envy.

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