Alisha Miranda

Freelance Travel Writer


I highly suggest visiting Uruguay as a vacation spot because it's a relatively unknown nation in one of the southern-most points of South America. Though widely visited by vacationing Latin Americans with money and power, Uruguay is also welcoming to budget travelers. Many backpackers think of Uruguay as a stop-over from Buenos Aires or Patagonia, but in fact, it's worth making an entire vacation of. Here's how I was able to travel through Uruguay on a budget for three weeks:

1 Book early through Buenos Aires:
I booked my ticket via LAN Airlines after months of travel alerts for $1,031.53 USD which is under the market average for a roundtrip flight in and out of Buenos Aires. From there, book a ferry via Colonia Express from Buenos Aires to Colonia ($29.95 USD) or Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay ($87.82 USD).

2 Consider lodging on AirBnB:
For this particular trip, I wanted to stay with locals who could offer up a private room or home for an affordable price. I booked 3 separate week's worth of AirBnB rooms in Buenos Aires, Montevideo, and Punta del Este (Uruguay) for a total of $666.00 USD, an average of $31.71 USD per night. I loved every place I stayed at, I made friends with all my hosts, and each room was fully furnished.

3 Order from 'menu ejuctivo':
Similar to other European countries, both Argentina and Uruguay offer special menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that often offer delicious combinations for less. Breakfast specials range from $75 Argentine or Uruguay pesos ($2 - $8 USD), while lunch can run $300 Argentine or Uruguayan pesos ($11 USD), and dinner will cost upwards of $800 Argentine or Uruguayan pesos ($30 USD)