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Why Chartering a Yacht is the Luxury Vacation You’ve Been Missing

October 17, 2016

Imagine relaxing on a yacht while sailing through the British Virgin Islands. Doesn’t it sound like a dream? Well, it can be the reality of your next vacation if you choose to charter a yacht. Chartering a yacht may seem too extravagant or pricey, but the luxurious perks you get on your own yacht make it […]


How Well Do You Know Your Movie Yachts?

July 11, 2016

We all know yachts are iconic symbols of luxury and wealth, which is why they are so often used in movies to showcase characters’ high profile lifestyles. The real-world yachts behind these silver screen appearances are just as impressive. Can you guess which yacht appeared in which film? We’ve got a quiz to help you […]


Why You Should Charter a Yacht for Your Next Trip Instead of Booking a Cruise

June 23, 2016

Now that summer is in full swing, many are preparing for their yearly family vacations. Whether that be a tropical resort, mountain trip, or cruise, summer traveling results in huge crowds and frantic scheduling to make sure you fit everything into your vacation. Instead of fighting the crowds aboard the huge cruise ships, opt for […]


The Benefits of Chartering a Yacht for Your Summer Vacation

June 3, 2016

  Summer 2016 is nearly upon us, and millions of people around the country are wondering what to do for this year’s big summer vacation. Many people will stick to old traditions like a beach rental home or a Caribbean resort. The fact that you’re reading this already shows you aren’t one of those people […]


Top 5 Most Romantic Beaches in the World

May 2, 2016

A romantic getaway should provide travelers with stunning views, privacy, and plenty of relaxation time spent enjoying one another’s company. An escape for two can be found at some of the most beautiful beaches around the world. For a few of these hard to reach gems, one of the best ways to reach the crystal clear water […]


Why Chartering a Yacht is the Classiest Spring Break Option

April 12, 2016

Every young adult should have the opportunity to travel and see the world. Spring break is the perfect time for students to get away from the routine of school and study and finally see the world up close. Since most college students have over a week off, spring break travel options are virtually unlimited; it […]


Why Chartering Just Makes Cents

March 15, 2016

It’s no secret that purchasing a mega yacht outright is pricey. Well, that’s an understatement. Buying a luxury yacht is exorbitantly expensive, but even buying a smaller vessel doesn’t necessarily mean the expenses won’t surprise you.   An additional 10% per year really adds up! And, beyond the associated operating costs, there are the logistical […]


Why You Should Charter a Yacht for a Week Instead of Booking a Hotel

March 1, 2016

A luxury vacation at an island resort can be a special treat, but sometimes, you may not be getting the experience you want. Hotels offer many amenities to appeal to a broad sense of tastes, but if you prefer to have a retreat that is customized for you, a yacht charter may be more to your […]


In Honor of Valentine’s Day, We Present An ADDISON Love Story

February 10, 2016

Sometimes a vacation is more than just a vacation. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, ADDISON has a very sweet love story that we just couldn’t resist sharing. We can’t take full credit, but we do feel partly responsible for the love that flourishes when our guests can relax and focus on each other. When […]


Which Yacht Should You Charter for Your Next Trip?

November 1, 2015

When you’re on vacation, are you the type of person who wants to kick back with a good book and your toes in the sand or would you rather get dressed up for a luxurious night on the town? Do you plan to travel solo — or bring the whole family? Depending on a variety […]


Affordable Luxury: Yacht Rental Costs

October 13, 2015

Exploring the Caribbean with Addison Yacht Charters is an opportunity not to be missed. When you’re experiencing the magic of lounging on hidden beaches and diving in sun-kissed waters, going back to a generic hotel room can be a bit of a downer. Instead of being tethered to a single location, many world travelers instead […]


Planning Your Caribbean Vacation: Yachts for Charter

September 25, 2015

There’s hardly any better way to explore the waters and islands of the beautiful Caribbean Sea than with your own private yacht charter. Sure, we’re a little biased, but it’s the truth! While there are plenty of oversized ships heading to the most popular islands, carrying some 20 million passengers per year to the same […]


Exploring the Caribbean on a Yacht Charter

September 17, 2015

The Caribbean is a long chain of islands stretching south from the coast of Florida all the way to the Venezuelan coast. Containing such world-class tropical destinations as Aruba, Curacao, Saint Lucia, Barbados, the British Virgin Islands, and the Cayman Islands, the Caribbean is a haven for global travelers wanting an idyllic location to relax […]


When It Comes to Luxurious Getaways, Private Yachts Rentals Are Tops

August 31, 2015

If you’re going big on your next vacation, there’s no better way to get luxury travel right than with a private yacht rental. Yachts can take you to your dream location and visit less-frequented ports thanks to their smaller size. Not only can you see more of your favorite destinations, you can customize your itinerary […]


Chartering a Catamaran and Sailing the BVI

July 13, 2015

The British Virgin Islands chain is world famous for its pristine beaches, stunning scenery, and unrivaled diving destinations. Travelers wishing to encounter all these island destinations up close should make use of BVI/Tortola hotels to island hop to their heart’s content. Even the top resorts are surprisingly affordable, though most experienced travelers will wish to […]


Yachting History in Color

April 3, 2015

At ADDISON, we know that yachting brings people together. It’s a way to escape into the sea with the people that matter. Ever since the first boating clubs were established in this country in the 1840’s, the sport of yacht racing has connected neighbors, colleagues and friends. We wanted to find a suitably 21st century […]


Why You Should Charter a Yacht for Your Next Trip

February 28, 2015

If you’ve got an upcoming family vacation, or if you’re just feeling the need to get away for a while, consider chartering a private yacht for your next trip rather than staying in a hotel or planning a road trip. You may think that a private yacht is expensive, but when planned right it can […]


How to Customize Your Family Vacation

February 17, 2015

Great family vacations don’t just magically happen, they are carefully planned and customized. Instead of spending all of your time searching the web for the cheapest rates, consider taking a different and yet more effective approach. Customize your family vacation so that you can get the most value and enjoyment out of it. Your family […]


How to Diagnose and Prevent Seasickness

January 26, 2015

When our clients are planning and looking forward to their yacht charter vacation, the issue of seasickness is almost always in the back of at least one of our guest’s mind. While the rest of the charter party is looking forward to sun, relaxation, great food, amazing vistas, and unique experiences and activities, we know […]


The Perks of Renting a Yacht for a Week

January 9, 2015

Sometimes you just need a week to clear your head, hit the reset button, and leave your burdens behind you. While a road trip to random destinations or a week on a sunny beach might sound like exactly what you need, other cars, beachgoers, and hotel guests can make you feel as though you need […]


3 Tips for Planning a Memorable Family Vacation in 2015

December 31, 2014

Taking a family trip allows everyone to leave their worries behind and enjoy a change of scenery. From adventure travel to exploring new cultures and cuisines, family trips are also a nice way for family members to reconnect with each another. In 2015, make it a family vacation to remember with these three tips. Escape […]


Why You Should Sail the Caribbean in 2015

December 15, 2014

Every New Year is cause for celebration. One benefit that most people look forward to on January 1 is their accumulated vacation time. For many, spending time out on the open water, whether on a cruise, a sailboat, or a luxury yacht, is the absolute dream vacation. You can escape reality and leave the stress […]


Brimming with Excitement to Board Catamaran SOON COME on Saturday

April 8, 2014

SOON COME, Here we come.  Simply Put:  I….. CAN’T…. WAIT!!!! Four nights and a wake up.  Then it’s off to the airport for a direct flight to St. Thomas.  Then a 45 minute ferry ride to Road Town, and step aboard paradise (otherwise known as the Catamaran SOON COME) for 7 glorious days. So let […]


The Ultimate In Yachting Vacations

December 17, 2013

Whether you’re considering the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, or another destination on the Seven Seas, many consider stepping aboard their exclusive mega yacht as a sign that they have indeed arrived.  What many find surprising is that the associated cost is not necessarily indicative of a lifestyle of the rich and famous. With literally hundreds of […]


French Riviera Yacht Charters: A Sports Enthusiast’s Dream Vacation

October 25, 2013

A yacht charter through the French Riviera can be the perfect vacation for the sports lover – whether you prefer to watch or actively participate! Here are just a few of the events and activities you can gain access to while cruising along the coast line: Ÿ  For those who love spectator sports, the Rolex […]


BVI Yacht Charter Adventures: Discovering the Pirate Islands

A BVI yacht charter is perfect for those who adore all things buccaneer related. The piratical history and literary inspiration contained in the British Virgin Islands means there is plenty to see and do when you swing through this corner of the Caribbean! In addition, there are several places to explore local sea life and […]


An ABC Yacht Charter to Greece: Archeology, Beaches and Castles

The Greek islands of Cyclades are familiar to any yearning would be traveler – the gorgeous islands springing out of the dark sea, and snowy white villages adorning the hills beyond the pristine beaches are the stuff from which travel brochures are made. A Greek yacht charter can be spent almost entirely within these islands; […]