The Ultimate In Yachting Vacations

Sweet Escape

Whether you’re considering the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, or another destination on the Seven Seas, many consider stepping aboard their exclusive mega yacht as a sign that they have indeed arrived.  What many find surprising is that the associated cost is not necessarily indicative of a lifestyle of the rich and famous. With literally hundreds of […]

Swim with the Pigs in the Bahamas

With so many amazing things to do while cruising in The Bahamas, how can you select that one truly amazing and unusual activity; one that can be enjoyed by the grandparents and the children alike; and will be the topic of conversation upon your return to your normal life, and likely make your annual Holiday […]

5 Great Caribbean Snorkeling Destinations

Snorkeling in the Caribbean

One of the greatest pastimes to be enjoyed in while visiting the Caribbean has got to be the famous snorkeling available.  Because of its’ crystal clear waters, and the abundance of natural wildlife available in very shallow depths, even the most novice of swimmer can enjoy much of what our oceans have to offer, without […]

French Riviera Yacht Charters: A Sports Enthusiast’s Dream Vacation

Porquerolles france

A yacht charter through the French Riviera can be the perfect vacation for the sports lover – whether you prefer to watch or actively participate! Here are just a few of the events and activities you can gain access to while cruising along the coast line: Ÿ  For those who love spectator sports, the Rolex […]

BVI Yacht Charter Adventures: Discovering the Pirate Islands

Discover the beauty of the BVI on your personalized yacht charter

A BVI yacht charter is perfect for those who adore all things buccaneer related. The piratical history and literary inspiration contained in the British Virgin Islands means there is plenty to see and do when you swing through this corner of the Caribbean! In addition, there are several places to explore local sea life and […]

An ABC Yacht Charter to Greece: Archeology, Beaches and Castles

Mega Yacht sailing at Rhodes Islands Greece

The Greek islands of Cyclades are familiar to any yearning would be traveler – the gorgeous islands springing out of the dark sea, and snowy white villages adorning the hills beyond the pristine beaches are the stuff from which travel brochures are made. A Greek yacht charter can be spent almost entirely within these islands; […]

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