Brimming with Excitement to Board Catamaran SOON COME on Saturday

SOON COME, Here we come.  Simply Put:  I….. CAN’T…. WAIT!!!! Four nights and a wake up.  Then it’s off to the airport for a direct flight to St. Thomas.  Then a 45 minute ferry ride to Road Town, and step aboard paradise (otherwise known as the Catamaran SOON COME) for 7 glorious days. So let […]

Best BVI Beach Bars – The Bamba Shack

The Bamba Shack – Cappoons Bay, Tortola Now, I grew up surfing on the North Shore in Hawaii.  On the North Shore, years ago when I spent time there, there was only one nice hotel, some amazing beaches, and fantastic surf.  Places to eat, drink, and catch up with friends??? They were there, but they […]

Best BVI Beach Bars – Foxy’s Bar

Foxy’s Bar – Great Harbor, Jost Van Dyke Let’s face it:  anytime anyone puts together a ‘Best of’ list, there’s bound to be trouble.   “I can’t believe you included that” on your list.  “How could you forget (fill in your blank)”, and my favorite “You don’t know what you’re talking about”.  Frankly, I’m surprised I haven’t […]

Best BVI Beach Bars – The Soggy Dollar

The Soggy Dollar – Whites Bay, Jost Van Dyke White’s Bay on Jost Van Dyke.  It’s that picture in your minds eye.  The one you dream of all winter long:  Crystal-clear turquoise-blue waters… the fluffiest white sand ever encountered…The poster child for perfect, secluded, tropical island  beaches… and home of the Painkiller cocktail, and the […]

Best BVI Beach Bars – Cow Wreck Beach Bar and Grill

Cow Wreck Beach Bar and Grill – Anegada, BVI When you’re sailing the BVI for the first time, one thing becomes very apparent.  These islands are very close together.  With only about 30 miles (50km) from one end to the other, and almost 100 islands in between, their mountainous heights rising out of the water, one after another, covered with dense tropical […]

Best BVI Beach Bars – Bitter End Yacht Club and Saba Rock

The famous Bitter End on BVI. Don't miss it!

Bitter End Yacht Club and Saba Rock – Virgin Gorda, BVI In the BVI, there really are very few rules.  But… You should never go, and then leave Virgin Gorda, without dropping anchor in the North Sound, and visiting the world-famous, and iconic Bitter End Yacht Club, and then, Saba Rock. (check out our list of available BVI […]

Best BVI Beach Bars – Leverick Bay

Leverick Bay Resort and Marina – Virginia Gorda It’s been an absolutely amazing day!  After an unbelievable sunrise in the East, and a brief sail across the channel from Ginger Island, our Captain dropped us off at the Baths,  on Virgin Gorda.  There we spent most of the morning exploring the caves and grottoes, sitting […]

Best BVI Beach Bars – Pirates Bight

Pirates Bight Bar and Restaurant at Norman Island I couldn’t be more excited to see that one of the Best BVI Beach Bars will be available again this season despite a run of luck that would send most pirates ashore to a simpler way of life.  Fortunately, that won’t be necessary with a herculean effort […]

Best BVI Beach Bars – Willy T’s

The William Thornton Floating Bar and Restaurant – Pirates Bight, Norman Island Channeling your Inner Pirate – Willy T’s at Pirates Bight, Norman Island 50 million people on the United States East Coast are getting hammered by the first blizzard of the New Year.  In Washington DC, outside my office right now, it’s 18 degrees, […]

Best BVI Beach Bars – Pussers Landing

Pusser’s Landing Restaurant and Store – Sopers Hole, Tortola It’s 26 degrees outside, there’s ice on the pond, and snow in the forecast.  It’s my first day back in the office, and I’m having a tough time getting started. First Task of the Day – Make that list:  1 – Join a Gym, 2 – […]

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