3 Hidden Gems of the BVI

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) are a popular getaway option for those seeking a truly luxurious experience. Comprised of 60 distinct islands, visitors can readily make use of yachts to bounce from destination to destination. While many of the areas are well-known tourist hotspots, the following hidden gems are perfect for travelers seeking a truly […]

Why You Should Charter a Yacht for Your Next Trip

If you’ve got an upcoming family vacation, or if you’re just feeling the need to get away for a while, consider chartering a private yacht for your next trip rather than staying in a hotel or planning a road trip. You may think that a private yacht is expensive, but when planned right it can […]

How to Customize Your Family Vacation

Great family vacations don’t just magically happen, they are carefully planned and customized. Instead of spending all of your time searching the web for the cheapest rates, consider taking a different and yet more effective approach. Customize your family vacation so that you can get the most value and enjoyment out of it. Your family […]

3 Luxurious Vacations That Won’t Break the Bank

When you think of taking a vacation, you may envision yourself relaxing in the sand on a secluded beach with a cocktail far away far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. But the moment that you decide to plan your vacation, you probably start to clutch your wallet in fear. Although some […]

How to Diagnose and Prevent Seasickness

When our clients are planning and looking forward to their yacht charter vacation, the issue of seasickness is almost always in the back of at least one of our guest’s mind. While the rest of the charter party is looking forward to sun, relaxation, great food, amazing vistas, and unique experiences and activities, we know […]

The Perks of Renting a Yacht for a Week

Sometimes you just need a week to clear your head, hit the reset button, and leave your burdens behind you. While a road trip to random destinations or a week on a sunny beach might sound like exactly what you need, other cars, beachgoers, and hotel guests can make you feel as though you need […]

3 Tips for Planning a Memorable Family Vacation in 2015

Taking a family trip allows everyone to leave their worries behind and enjoy a change of scenery. From adventure travel to exploring new cultures and cuisines, family trips are also a nice way for family members to reconnect with each another. In 2015, make it a family vacation to remember with these three tips. Escape […]

Why You Should Sail the Caribbean in 2015

Every New Year is cause for celebration. One benefit that most people look forward to on January 1 is their accumulated vacation time. For many, spending time out on the open water, whether on a cruise, a sailboat, or a luxury yacht, is the absolute dream vacation. You can escape reality and leave the stress […]

Cuisine: In The End, Isn’t That What It’s All About?

crewed yacht charter

It’s not just food.  It’s Cuisine! Let’s face it:  When you think cruise, you associate that vacation with wonderful cuisine.  Most people think cruise ship ambiance, with large spectacular dining rooms, unending choices, and huge buffets.  In that environment, you have the option to pay a sur charge, to experience the ‘premium’ dining option, reservation required, […]

PimpinJoy for Judy

Pimpin Joy: It will make you feel as good as a week long charter vacation. I don’t usually do these things, but since the effort is in-line with our corporate philanthropy here at ADDISON Yachts, we thought it deserved our first blog in almost 7 months. You may have noticed that we’ve changed our profile picture […]

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