Chartering a Catamaran and Sailing the BVI


The British Virgin Islands chain is world famous for its pristine beaches, stunning scenery, and unrivaled diving destinations. Travelers wishing to encounter all these island destinations up close should make use of BVI/Tortola hotels to island hop to their heart’s content. Even the top resorts are surprisingly affordable, though most experienced travelers will wish to […]

Best Islands to Visit in the BVI

The British Virgin Islands encompass some of the most pristine, untouched locales anywhere on the planet. Picture-perfect beaches, stunning sunsets, and memorable hidden destinations are just some of the awe-inspiring reasons to visit any of the more than 50 islands that make up this unique group. Truly adventurous visitors can use yachts to travel between […]

The Top Tortola BVI Hotels

Escaping from the stressors and rush of daily life is the ultimate goal of most travelers, and if you really want to step back and appreciate a slower pace, then Tortola BVI may be the ideal destination for your next vacation. The British Virgin Islands are well known for soft, sandy beaches, turquoise waters and […]

3 Can’t-Miss Hidden Gems of the BVI

The British Virgin Islands is made up of 60 small islands that are all completely unique. Those who visit the Caribbean treasure are often so blown away by the exquisite beauty and distinct hospitality that they choose to return time and again. When it comes to luxury travel, the BVI has quickly become one of […]

Why It’s Savvy to Buy BVI Real Estate

As an ardent traveler, it is nice to have a home base. Whether you enjoy sailing from place to place or simply prefer to vacation in the same spot every time, British Virgin Islands real estate may be the right investment opportunity for you. After years of booking hotels every time you want to go […]

3 Must-See Spots in the BVI

One of the biggest reasons that the British Virgin Islands have become increasingly popular for travelers is the wide variety of attractions available on each of the 60 different islands. While warm, sandy beaches and tranquil waters are the calling card of this luxury travel destination, each island boasts unique natural or man-made things to […]

How to Plan the Getaway of Your Dreams

While a luxurious getaway may feel out of reach, effectively planning a dream vacation is possible provided that vacationers are suitably prepared for their excursion. Such preparation should include establishing the best method of travel, budgeting ahead of time, and choosing a vacation destination that will live up to even the loftiest of expectations. Make […]

3 Ways to Relax and Unwind

You may find yourself struggling to relax and unwind at the end of a busy day. With work, kids, bills, and other responsibilities, life can get draining. To escape the grind and give yourself something to look forward to,  consider the following activities for creating the ultimate respite. Regardless of where you vacation or even if […]

Yachting History in Color

At ADDISON, we know that yachting brings people together. It’s a way to escape into the sea with the people that matter. Ever since the first boating clubs were established in this country in the 1840’s, the sport of yacht racing has connected neighbors, colleagues and friends. We wanted to find a suitably 21st century […]

3 Ways to Travel Luxuriously

Every year when accrued vacation time resets, it is a reason for celebration and a time to start planning your next adventure. For many of us, spending time out on the open water, whether on a sailboat, a cruise or a luxury yacht, is an unconditionally perfect and ideal dream vacation. You can truly escape […]

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