Why You Should Book Your Winter Travel in June

Just because you’re enjoying the warm relaxing summer right now, doesn’t mean you should forget about booking your winter vacation. Actually, right now is the best time to book winter travel plans. Wondering why? Here are 3 reasons why you should book your winter travel in the early months of summer: Options The best part […]

The Benefits of Chartering a Yacht for Your Summer Vacation

outdoor dining on a yacht

  Summer 2016 is nearly upon us, and millions of people around the country are wondering what to do for this year’s big summer vacation. Many people will stick to old traditions like a beach rental home or a Caribbean resort. The fact that you’re reading this already shows you aren’t one of those people […]

3 BVI Beaches Every Photographer Must Visit in Their Lifetime

Sandy beaches, turquoise water, and clear blue skies are just a few things that beaches in the British Virgin Islands have to offer. These spectacular locations have the perfect backdrop for any photo, whether you are a professional or simply shooting with your iPhone. Travel to the following 3 beaches to get that perfect shot! 1. […]

Top 5 Most Romantic Beaches in the World

romantic beaches

A romantic getaway should provide travelers with stunning views, privacy, and plenty of relaxation time spent enjoying one another’s company. An escape for two can be found at some of the most beautiful beaches around the world. For a few of these hard to reach gems, one of the best ways to reach the crystal clear water […]

Why Chartering a Yacht is the Classiest Spring Break Option


Every young adult should have the opportunity to travel and see the world. Spring break is the perfect time for students to get away from the routine of school and study and finally see the world up close. Since most college students have over a week off, spring break travel options are virtually unlimited; it […]

Why Chartering Just Makes Cents

It’s no secret that purchasing a mega yacht outright is pricey. Well, that’s an understatement. Buying a luxury yacht is exorbitantly expensive, but even buying a smaller vessel doesn’t necessarily mean the expenses won’t surprise you.   An additional 10% per year really adds up! And, beyond the associated operating costs, there are the logistical […]

A Brief History of Super Yachts in One Morphing GIF

At ADDISON, we believe you can have fun on a boat of any size, but there’s something pretty spectacular about setting foot on a mega yacht. The endlessness of the deck, the opulence of the interior, and the luxurious amenities are a once in a lifetime experience. But as large as our selection is, many […]

Why You Should Charter a Yacht for a Week Instead of Booking a Hotel

A luxury vacation at an island resort can be a special treat, but sometimes, you may not be getting the experience you want. Hotels offer many amenities to appeal to a broad sense of tastes, but if you prefer to have a retreat that is customized for you, a yacht charter may be more to your […]

In Honor of Valentine’s Day, We Present An ADDISON Love Story

Sometimes a vacation is more than just a vacation. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, ADDISON has a very sweet love story that we just couldn’t resist sharing. We can’t take full credit, but we do feel partly responsible for the love that flourishes when our guests can relax and focus on each other. When […]

The Best Vacation Spots in the Caribbean

Whether you love to shop, snorkel, sail, or hike, the Caribbean islands have it all. You can choose to soak up the sun on one of the white, sandy beaches or take a walk through the natural habitat to see unique fauna and flora during every season. Here are some of the best vacation spots […]

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