The 4-1-1 on the BVI – What’s all the Hype?

The BVI (British Virgin Islands) are by far one of the most popular yacht charter destinations in the world! Here you will find temperate weather, islands with their own unique offerings, gorgeous blue water typical in the Caribbean and wonderful people and culture. There is so much to do and see whether you stay aboard […]

Spend the Holidays on a Yacht

Have you ever considered a holiday yacht charter? Wouldn’t you love this to be your view from the Thanksgiving table this year? Many have now begun to trade in old family traditions in order to create new ones in choosing destination holiday travel instead. Whether it’s to get the whole family together in a new […]

Multi-Generational Travel – One of the Hottest Travel Trends

Multi-generational travel is one of the hottest top travel trends and it is certainly something we see often in the yacht charter world. According to a 2017 study done by AARP, Multi-Generational travel was one of the TOP types of planned trips. It accounts for 9% of all international planned travel and a whopping 12% […]

A Yacht Charter Classic: The Sailboat

When you think of the words “yacht charter” what comes to mind? Do you think luxury Mega Yacht? Or perhaps you imagine a gorgeous Catamaran? Today we’d love to give you a peek at this stunner – the classic, monohull sailboat! Meet Neyina Isn’t she fantastic? Neyina is a 76′, 3 year old stunner. She […]

Chartering a Yacht Basics: The First Conversation

So you’ve been wondering what a yacht charter is all about? Perhaps you have friends who have done it? Maybe you’ve read one of the plethora of blog articles regaling the virtues of a yacht charter vacation (which we highly recommend, by the way). Are ready for a new experience? Now it’s time to begin […]

Quick Guide: Yacht Charter Vacation Greece

Have you been considering a Greece yacht charter? Greece Basics The Greek Isles can be daunting to plan. Why, you ask? There are over 6,000 islands in total, each with their own personality, style, food, climate, etc… making it nearly impossible to figure it out. Some larger some smaller; some more rural, some bustling and […]

Visiting the Caribbean Post Irma and Maria

Do you have reservations about visiting the Caribbean after last year’s devastating hurricane season? Perhaps you had a favorite resort you’ve visited for years? Hurricanes Irma and Maria certainly left lasting impact on some of the jewels of the Caribbean, but over 70% of the land masses in the region are fine. The Caribbean wants […]

Ever Wonder What a Mega Yacht Looks Like?

Welcome Aboard the Mega Yacht Dona Lola!  Isn’t she beautiful? She is a 135′ yacht who makes her home in St. Maarten in the Caribbean. Whether you’re interested in the Caribbean Leewards, Windwards, Virgin Islands, Bahamas or even Cuba (as mentioned in a recent post), she would be an excellent choice! What IS a Mega Yacht? A […]

3 Off the Beaten Path Ideas for Your Next Yacht Charter

Maybe you’ve done a yacht charter around the BVI before, sailed the Greek Isles, experienced the amazing coastal Croatia destinations – what’s next? Here are 3 ideas for your next charter vacation that we think are worth a look! Cuba Yes there are still travel restrictions, but this Forbes article does a nice job describing […]

What the Heck is Yacht Rock?

What is yacht rock? Have you heard the term ‘yacht rock’? Up until recently this was a relatively unknown style of music that not many knew about, including us! Let’s break it down for you! Yacht Rock is a “collection” of music rather than just a particular genre. Most of it comes from the 70’s […]

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