What do Yacht Charters and Banana Peppers Have in Common?

What do yacht charters and banana peppers have in common? I’ll give you three guesses and the first two don’t count. Banana Peppers They are super nutritious, rich in fiber, calcium, potassium, folate, and Vitamins A & C. Banana peppers are low in calories and high in beta-carotine! Lastly, The high levels of Vitamin C […]

Yacht Charter is the Best Kept Travel Secret

Most people believe a private yacht charter is beyond their reach! It sounds quite glamorous, doesn’t it? It certainly conjures up images of wealth and privilege. Mega Yacht For example, it is true that you could charter a mega yacht Relentless, a 145 foot Mega Yacht that sleeps 10 with a crew of 9 to […]

You May Find Yourself Healthier After a Vacation

It’s a well documented fact that a vacation does wonders for your health! But do you know in just how many ways? Health Benefits from Vacation Inc. Magazine ran an article about 4 scientific reasons vacations are good for your health, citing heart disease prevention, decrease in stress, higher productivity and better sleep. In fact, […]

The Top 7 Yacht Cocktails Exposed

One might think that cocktails go hand in hand with yacht cruising! Well, we sure think so! While plenty of people request regular alcoholic items on board such as bottled beer, champagne, Pino Grigio and bottled liquor such as Whiskey, Tequila, Gin and/or Vodka.  We now have the list of the top 7 most requested […]

How to Choose your next Yacht Charter Vessel

So you’ve decided to do a yacht charter vacation, what’s next? There are a few important things to keep in mind when in this phase of planning. Sail or Power? The very first thing you should decide is whether you’d like to sail or motor. Some of this will be personal preference – do you […]

Last Minute Yacht Charter? No Problem!

Are you looking for a last minute vacation idea? You may be surprised, but a yacht charter might just be in your reach! Planning time One question we are often asked is how far in advance a booking needs to be made? Well the simple answer is, it varies. Obviously with more lead time, you […]

St. Lucia: A Gem in the Caribbean

As we discussed in a recent post which explained the general regions of the Caribbean, it might be challenging to decide where to focus for your next vacation. St. Lucia is indeed a gem worth exploring for sure! About St. Lucia St. Lucia is located in the Eastern Caribbean and part of the Windward Island […]

The Caribbean – Deconstructed

Doesn’t a Caribbean vacation sound like a dream? Well it can be! But the first challenge is to figure out exactly what (and were) that looks like! The above map highlights the overall region generally referred to as The Caribbean. It’s generally southeast of the Mainland US, East of Central America and North of South […]

Spotlight: BVI Catamaran Yacht Charter

As the days start getting shorter we find ourselves daydreaming about a winter yacht charter in the BVI. In doing a random search through our database, we ran across this fantastic example and wanted to share it with you. Catamaran Yacht Charter Lir is a gorgeous 67′ catamaran who makes her home for this season […]

Yacht Charter: A Lesson in Terminology

There are some terms that merit some discussion to be sure you’re asking for the type of quote. Also it helps  you get in touch with the right company depending on what you’re looking for. Yacht Rental We see this term mostly when a daily yacht rental (or charter) is desired. It might be crewed […]

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