Last Minute Yacht Charter? No Problem!

Are you looking for a last minute vacation idea? You may be surprised, but a yacht charter might just be in your reach! Planning time One question we are often asked is how far in advance a booking needs to be made? Well the simple answer is, it varies. Obviously with more lead time, you […]

St. Lucia: A Gem in the Caribbean

As we discussed in a recent post which explained the general regions of the Caribbean, it might be challenging to decide where to focus for your next vacation. St. Lucia is indeed a gem worth exploring for sure! About St. Lucia St. Lucia is located in the Eastern Caribbean and part of the Windward Island […]

The Caribbean – Deconstructed

Doesn’t a Caribbean vacation sound like a dream? Well it can be! But the first challenge is to figure out exactly what (and were) that looks like! The above map highlights the overall region generally referred to as The Caribbean. It’s generally southeast of the Mainland US, East of Central America and North of South […]

Spotlight: BVI Catamaran Yacht Charter

As the days start getting shorter we find ourselves daydreaming about a winter yacht charter in the BVI. In doing a random search through our database, we ran across this fantastic example and wanted to share it with you. Catamaran Yacht Charter Lir is a gorgeous 67′ catamaran who makes her home for this season […]

Yacht Charter: A Lesson in Terminology

There are some terms that merit some discussion to be sure you’re asking for the type of quote. Also it helps  you get in touch with the right company depending on what you’re looking for. Yacht Rental We see this term mostly when a daily yacht rental (or charter) is desired. It might be crewed […]

The Yacht Charter Vacation vs. Major Cruise Line (Part 3)

Today we will compare the yacht charter vacation to that of a major cruise line. This one will be a little tougher because it’s very hard to draw a close comparison, but we will give it a shot! Major Cruise Line – Yacht option For purposes of comparison, we are choosing Crystal Cruise Line as […]

The Yacht Charter Vacation vs. All Inclusive Resort (part 2)

Now that we have compared the yacht charter to a vacation home rental, we think another similar vacation worth comparison is the All Inclusive Resort. There are so many different ones out there, with quite a range in accommodations, amenities, locations, etc… To find a list of the best, we visited Fodor for their recommendations. […]

The Yacht Charter Vacation vs. Private Home Rental (Part 1)

When considering your upcoming vacation, there are so many choices! High end resorts, private home rentals, all-inclusives, cruises, standard hotel rental as well as some niche vacation opportunities like a yacht charter. We thought it might be interesting to work through a few comparisons for you! For this first post of the Series we will be […]

SCUBA + Yacht Charter = FABULOUS Vacation

  Are you a SCUBA enthusiast? You . may be considering a SCUBA vacation but we say, why not combine your love of exploration with a yacht charter! There are basically two types of access to SCUBA that we look at when we are working with a group that is interested in diving on their […]

Yacht Charter Spotlight: Croatia

Croatia is one of the hottest yacht charter destinations these days! Here are the top reasons why Croatia should be at the top of your list: Amazing Coastline There are over 1,100 miles of gorgeous coastline to explore in the gorgeous blue water of the Adriatic Sea. This means LOTS of  coves, beaches, and little […]

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