SCUBA + Yacht Charter = FABULOUS Vacation


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Photo by Jan Traid on Unsplash

Are you a SCUBA enthusiast? You . may be considering a SCUBA vacation but we say, why not combine your love of exploration with a yacht charter!

There are basically two types of access to SCUBA that we look at when we are working with a group that is interested in diving on their vacation – we look at Rendezvous diving or Onboard.


Rendezvous simply means that we arrange your dive experience but it is not based onboard your charter. Most people that are looking for a dive experience already know where they want to focus their attention. We make all of the necessary arrangements for the activity. Here’s a great read on Rendezvous diving in the British Virgin Islands (BVI).


The Onboard diving experience is often a vessel that has everything necessary right on board. Here’s an example of a yacht we work with in the BVI where the captain is a certified dive master and offers that as one of the services you could enjoy when vacationing on this particular yacht.

There are MANY options to choose from to include SCUBA diving in your yacht charter vacation. So if diving is on your list, give some thought to the kind of access you want, and how important it is to you and we can work with you to create the vacation of a lifetime! Contact us today to get started!


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