The Best Places to Buy Men’s Swimsuits

swimsuit at the beach

Labor Day has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a vacation. In fact, planning a trip can significantly improve your outlook and keep you motivated and productive in anticipation. So, don’t bid adieu to summer just yet. Book a yacht charter in a warm, sunny spot, and get ready to escape…

Of course, as you’re preparing for your next vacation, you need to consider what types of clothes to pack. If you’re planning to charter a yacht, or spend time in a tropical locale, you’re going to want a high-quality swimsuit. While men’s swimsuits aren’t typically as varied in style as women’s, we found a selection of three stores that combine form, function, and style to make your casual vacation style picture perfect.

Vineyard Vines


Our first pick comes from Nordstrom. The Vineyard Vines “Windward Stripe” board shorts are a great way to show off your youthful side – they feature a blue patterned style that includes a wide, flexible waistband. Perfect for the sporty adventurer!

On Sale, $66.90, Nordstrom



Most people think of Speedos as being the dreaded ultra-revealing “thongs for men” style swimsuits. In fact, Speedo makes a variety of different styles, and we were particularly drawn to the Flag Fade E-Board shorts. This swimsuit features a truly patriotic display of colors, with red, white, and blue primary colors accented by stars and stripes highlights. These shorts are the perfect way to represent your country – no matter where in the world your charter takes you.

On Sale, $46.26, Speedo USA

Saks Fifth Avenue


If you absolutely must have the pinnacle of luxury in your bathing suit, look no further than Saks Fifth Avenue’s “Solid and Striped” Swim Trunks. This swimsuit features a classy arrangement of alternating stripe style, accented by high quality metal-capped drawstrings. While this model is the most expensive on the list, it might just be worth it to accompany your luxurious ADDISON Yacht Charter.

$150.00, Saks Fifth Avenue



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