Your longed for yacht charter vacation is finally in your sights, and you‘re getting ready to book the adventure of a lifetime. What can you expect to enjoy while on your vacation? There are so many activities available it’s improbable that you’ll be able to do them all on one trip – but hey. There’s always next year!

On Board

Fun on a charter yacht

There are plenty of fun things to do while on board a yacht; the goal isn’t just reaching this or that destination, but enjoying every minute of the journey. Here are just a few things you can do during those stretches of your yacht charter when you are cruising between ports.

Sun bathing on a charter yacht

Sunbathing. Most yachts have a spacious sundeck where you can sprawl out and enjoy the rays on a lounge chair or chaise. Don’t forget the suntan lotion and some shades!

Ÿwine on board a charter yacht

Cocktail hour. Enjoy fine beverages and exquisite appetizers while strolling the deck or admiring the scenery from a comfortable seat. This is a great time for socializing and getting to know your fellow vacationers!

ŸParties. These can range from birthday or anniversary celebrations for a passenger to themed parties hosted by the yacht charter. Pirate parties are all the rage – imagine a scavenger hunt on a remote island followed by celebrating shipside.


Cooking classes. Many yacht charters feature a professional chef, and these culinary masters often offer tutoring in the fine art of cooking to passengers on board.

These are just a few of the exciting activities that await you on board your chosen yacht. Ask your booking agent what kinds of special events are planned for your trip!

Paddleboarding on vacation

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On Shore

One of the main benefits of a yacht charter over a traditional flyaway vacation is that you get to visit many destinations instead of just one or two. Island hopping with the odd afternoon spent in a coastal mainland town provides the chance to experience many different sights and experiences.

There’s plenty of exciting things to do, from lying on white sand beaches to getting a massage at a five star resort. Ina addition to these relaxing activities, hours can be spent doing any of the following:

Activities on shore

Shopping. Most larger towns have a wide range of shopping venues for tourists, while more remote areas offer more unique opportunities for picking up authentic souvenirs.

Clubbing. Many ports of call have a bustling nightlife, complete with dancing and local music. Don’t miss out on the chance to spend at least one night out on the town!

Dining. While the meals served on board are gourmet, part of the fun of vacationing is sampling local cuisine, whether it is Greek, Turkish, or Caribbean.

Geo-caching. If you love the thrill of the hunt, check into geo-caches at your itinerary’s destinations. You could add some impressive finds to your list of successes!

Each destination has at least one venue you absolutely must visit. Ask your booking agent about specific “don’t miss” opportunities available on shore at the stops on your route!

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On the Water

For those who really want to get down and personal with the ocean, there are a number of ways to get wet when on a yacht charter. Many vessels are equipped for various types of water sports and have professionals on board to ensure safety while letting passengers enjoy a great time. Here are several of the activities you might get up to during your trip:


Snorkeling. Many charter itineraries include short stays off of barrier reefs or in the vicinity of amazing sea life. Snorkeling is a fun, relaxed way to enjoy underwater sights.

Scuba divingŸ

Scuba Diving. For those who like a little more adventure, scuba diving is a terrific way to discover the depths of the ocean and its under the surface dwellers. Some venues even offer cave diving!

ŸKids tubingWakeboarding for kids

Wake-boarding. Looking for an real rush? Adrenaline junkies can get their fix flying along the tops of the waves behind a powerful motorized craft, enjoying the bite of wind and spray.

ŸTubing. A little less edgy but no less fun, tubing is a tamer activity that still ensures plenty of splashing water and shrieks of delight. This is another activity you can even enjoy in certain caves.

Whatever your comfort level is with getting wet, from surface sports to underwater adventures, these activities can add spice to your vacation. Ask your booking agent what kinds of water sports are available on your specific itinerary.

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Guided Tours

If your party includes archeology buffs, botany enthusiasts, bird watchers, wildlife photographers or avid hikers, you might be interested in booking some separate adventures while at one or more of your charter’s destinations. These activities are not included in the yacht charter booking, but can be researched and fitted into your time ashore.

Guided tours will vary by destination, but here are a few places you might want to visit with an experienced guide if you happen to make a stop in the area:

Ÿ  Barbados. A trip to the Caribbean could turn into a photographer’s dream, with a fantastic tram ride through the eerie and beautiful stalactite and stalagmite filled Harrison’s Cave.

Ÿ  Corfu. A guided tour aboard an air conditioned mini-bus lets you explore this Greek Island in the Ionian Sea. Roam through Ipsos, visit Pantokratoras, (Corfu’s highest mountain) and tour the monastery at the top, wander the ruins of a fortress and view the church of Panagia Kassopitras.

Ÿ  Tortola. A favored BVI destination, Tortola offers taxi tours of the city. You can also or book a horseback ride at the famous Shadow Ranch, or try out a glass bottomed boat tour to see some sea life from a dry perspective.

Ÿ  Bodrum. Those vacationing along the coast of Turkey can spend a half day ashore enjoying the Ephesus, with a guided tour to the Temple of Artemis (one of Seven Wonders of the Ancient World).

Ask your booking agent about sights to be seen at each stop on your itinerary, then check with local agencies to book your special guided tours!

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